Friday, January 28, 2005

Welcome to The Marketing Booth!

Since this is my first blog, I'm starting with a bit of cold, hard, fact.

90% of the marketing in the world is total rubbish.

Now I'm not talking about beer commercials, because they obviously have their target market nailed. Especially Molson, back when they had the "I am Canadian" campaign for their albeit poor tasting beverage.

As a "marketer" myself, some of the blame for this has to fall on my shoulders. Shameless self-promoting plug in T-2 seconds: Afterall, I did get educated at one of the best Business Schools in Canada (Wilfrid Laurier University), and have now worked for a variety of firms, including a couple really good tech companies. First at the KL Group, which was re-named Sitraka, (a decision that i did not influence, however i did carry out the conversion throughout Europe from their office in Amsterdam), and then bought out by Quest Software, (if you're a Java Developer, check out their JProbe and JClass products) and now i'm at JetBrains (creators of IntelliJ IDEA (a Java IDE with industry leading intelligence features), ReSharper (a productivity, refactoring, and code-automation plugin for Visual Studio .NET 2003), and Omea (an Intelligent Information Environment for all of you who want to manage your information better). It is in fact because I'm a marketer, that I'm writing this blog.

Over the next few entries, I plan on tackling issues like viral marketing (the word of the day for my colleague David Stennett.. check out his blog), corporate absurdity, disconnection with customers, the decision-making process within technology firms, great advertising, google's desktop search (for an interesting take on the issue, check out Gregg's 21st Century Digital Boy comments "Enough with the desktop search already"), as well as anything that just happens to come up along the way (possibly including life in Prague).

Oh, and just in case you're wondering about the fact at the top of the page, it was taken from the same source as:
"58% of facts that people quote, are made up"

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At 10:32 AM, Blogger David Stennett said...

Does this mean that 90% of the work you do is BS, too? :-)

At 10:44 AM, Blogger DB said...

Of course not. 34% of the marketing that I create is BS. 52% is incredibly useful, customer-centric, and results-driven. 13% is created purely out of creative bliss, and is therefore hit-and-miss :)

Oh, and if you're wondering about that last 1%.. well, that's reserved for Sumo Volleyball (

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