Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bloggers Rights and Blogosphere Data

David Stennett, of mobile bluetooth-based advertising technology fame (thanks to Jellingspot)pointed out an interesting addition to my "Power of Bloggers" and "Corporate Bloggers" posts. The article, from CNN Money, states that even though bloggers feel that their rights are protected, this may not be the case when they are blogging about their employer. The article sites a case at Delta airlines, and mentions how Apple is trying to crack down on what bloggers write, especially if information is leaked, even if they are not employees.

Joe, cites www.dijest.com/bc/ as a great reference for finding information about the blogosphere. These bloggers collect a lot of data, and describe their site like this:

Blogcount asks: How big is the blogosphere? What is its shape, color, true
nature? Blogcount catalogs efforts to answer these questions. We collect and
organize the best reports and analyses on this subject. Contact Us: tips@dijest.com

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