Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Corporate Bloggers, Honesty Problems, Bloggers vs Traditional Media

Firstly, A post by David Sifry, (the founder and CEO of Technorati) entitled Oct 2004 State of the Blogosphere: Corporate Bloggers states that there are only about 5000 corporate bloggers, and provides a nice neat pie chart (very eye-catching). I'm curious to know about how many corporate bloggers there are now, a mere 3 months later. I'm under the impression that blogging is on the rise. Dramatically. Anyone with evidence?

Combine this with A Blog Survey from MIT describing how 76% of bloggers do not limit access to their blogs in any way, 36% of bloggers have gotten into trouble because of their blog, and 12% of bloggers surveyed either got into legal or professional problems (or know someone who did) because of what they wrote on their blog.

So more corporate people are blogging, and about 12% of bloggers get into legal trouble. There are going to be some fireworks in the future.

Now this either means that corporate bloggers are going to produce the most positively-spun dribble about their company, or they're going to be like more of the blogging community and stick with the whole honesty thing, and risk putting their foot in it. Personally, I'm going with honesty. And it looks like Jay Rosen (on the Harvard Cyber Law site) is too: especially when it comes to the topic of bloggers triumphing over the traditional News Media. Now this is a pretty heated debate: will the world begin to trust bloggers like "Coldfury" more than a site like CNN?

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At 8:36 AM, Blogger Joe said...

One source for blogging data is http://www.dijest.com/bc/. In Fernanda Viegas' excellent blog survey, there is some uncertainty regarding what proportion of the 12% of people who either got into trouble or know of someone else who got into trouble via blogging know of the same, small number of well-publicized cases of trouble. The number of well-publicized cases do seem to be growing, but I'm not sure whether this is more indicative of an increase in publicity or in the actual number of incidents.

I do agree that honesty is the best policy, and that we will see more fireworks as we see the Internet offering more and more people a voice through blogs.

I wonder whether there are [m]any government officials who are operating blogs, official or unofficial, named or anonymous, especially in an age where, at least at the federal level, loyalty appears to be valued more than any other trait.

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