Thursday, February 03, 2005

Lead Generation using Webinars

Brian Carroll's B2B Lead Generation Blog has consistently useful articles for the active salesperson, marketer, or Marketing VP. In the link above, Brian talks about how Webinars can fit into your marketing mix. Even though you may be afraid of low registration numbers, and even lower turnout for the actual performance (he says that only about 30% of registrants actually show up on avg anyway), if you can be recognized as a source of valuable information, your attendance numbers will steadily climb. He also provides this Lead-Generation Model that shows where Webinars can fit, and who is most likely to benefit from them.. moving them closer to becoming a customer.
see a larger image here
Now you're thinking: "Hey, maybe a webinar will really help me!" But I caution you to really look at the information that you want to present to your audience. Is it valuable to them? Truly Valuable? Are they going to want to watch it for 10-30 mins? Is your presentation entertaining? What do you want the viewer to do after seeing it?

Form an orderly line with their credit card information ready?

Webinars help your audience to see you as
a) a person
b) a respectable source of information

They don't want to see a salesperson giving them a 30 minute pitch, so make sure your goals are in-line with their needs. If you're interested in some webinar software, check out: Webex and Infinite Conferencing.
(I'm not biased towards or against these product like I am for Omea Pro so reviews and comments are always welcome!)

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