Monday, February 14, 2005

Marketing Speak: Jargon Begone!

OK, i'm back from St. Pete's, Russia; the trip was great, the team-building was successful, and now I'm back to talk about marketing blunders.

Today's Topic: Marketing Jargon - who are these people talking to?

Example Number One: Overture
"With a range of products and a breadth of expertise, Overture's Partner Business & Solutions Group offers companies customized solutions that deliver unmatched monetization for their Web sites. "

Now I believe that the introductory paragraph on any of your website pages should clearly and quickly explain exactly what you can do to help your customer. Especially if you are talking about a solution you can provide. From this intro paragraph, can you tell me:
a) Who is the target market?
b) What does Overture do for the target market?
c) What do they want me to do next?

I think the answer to C is obvious: They want me to read on, in hopes that I can find out exactly how they will help me. Perhaps this intro paragraph is designed to pique my curiosity. But frankly, I don't want to read on, because even though i'm a marketer, I'm already bored.

The answer to B is perhaps in there somewhere, and i think it could sound like this:
"Overture helps your website make money. Period."

The answer to A? Yeah... uhh.... it's pretty specific: "companies". That's like Porsche's website saying something along the lines of: "We're targeting people who drive cars, trucks, and vehicles".

Now of course, I fall victim to this as well (once in a while :) And it looks something like this:

"Omea Pro is a product-class defining solution that makes it easy for professionals with a lot of information, to organize and act upon that data in ways that are difficult or impossible using traditional folder hierarchies, email software, web browsers, and RSS readers."

Let's look at the three questions I tackled earlier:
a) Who is the target market?
b) What does Omea Pro do for the target market?
c) What do they want me to do next?

A) The target market is "Professionals with a lot of information". Yeah... not exactly the most specific. I could've done better.
B) uhhhhhhhhhhhh..
C) uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... read more?
(My personal favourite quote from this quote is "product-class defining solution"... it just says so much.... :)

So this is the question: Does sounding like a marketer help your target market identify with your product or service? What if your target audience IS marketers?

I think the answer is NO. Though it sounds "professional", i think the potency is lost, unless you are trying to build interest through confusion.

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