Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Paying People To Blog

It looks like this is the theory:
1) You pay well respected bloggers to put up posts about your product.
2) You get mentioned more, and linked to more, so your site ranking goes up.
3) Since those people are well respected, other people mention it, further increasing the number of hits to your blog/company site.
4) More hits = more interest = more sales

Some problems:
1) If someone is paid, whether or not they are allowed to say whatever they want to, will anyone believe that they are being honest?
2) Google separates the "Sponsored Links" from links that it found using its spiders. This way consumers know that people are paying to be seen first. Will blogging search engines like Technorati begin doing this too? How would they monitor who's referring to a site that pays people to blog about them?
3) Will people lose respect for someone who is directly paid to blog? I guess this ties to number one, with the association of honesty and respect kind of going hand in hand.

I believe that Marqui is the first company to try this idea, and I applaud them for trying it. It's damn gutsy. This debate is the actual reason that I found out about Marqui at all, and it did in fact get me to take a look at their software demo (which targets Marketers). I even sent them an email!

But of course, I'm relatively evil when it comes to getting attention and trying new things. Just ask my team. :)

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