Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Power of Bloggers vs Dunkin Donuts

Alright, so I said i probably wouldn't get the chance to post, but since we're looking into the viral marketing campaign ideas again, i found some more interesting stuff, and decided to quickly post it:

First, I heard about the Dunkin Donuts scandal involving sending coffee to soldiers. Apparently they were offering a program to soldiers' families to send free cases of coffee over to their boys (and girls) in Iraq. Bloggers got ahold of it (damn you bloggers! (i love irony) You conveyors of information and freedom of speech!), and suddenly Dunkin Donuts was faced with having to send 130, 000 cases of coffee over. So they pulled the program.

This was my comment on Jeff Nolan's blog:

"Why didn't Dunkin Donuts take the offer and just run with it? OK, so they'd have to send over 130,000 cases of coffee to the soldiers.. who cares??? That's a great way to say: "Hey guys, here's some great coffee!" Interpreted conveniently by the press and information community as: "Look how nice DD is! Bush got these guys involved in a stupid war, and DD understands that it's not the soldiers' fault!"

If THAT MANY people were interested in getting DD to send coffee to soldiers, then there could have been press releases and serious ad campaigns, even mentioning that DD does not want to get into the debate on the war, but believes that good people deserve good coffee.

Instead, they'll likely create a large group of boycotters. Good work."


At 11:17 PM, Blogger David Stennett said...

What about the power of Google?

Check it:


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