Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Information Organizer for Marketers gets podcasted on CompuSchmooze

The podcast has emerged as one of the most relevant methods to spread information between knowledge enthusiasts on the internet. Not only do information seekers who are "in-the-know" have access to corporate websites, press releases, demos and magazine reviews, but now they can also get a glimpse behind the scenes, by listening to interviews with the people involved in their favourite technologies.

This helps people, who Emanuel Rosen refers to as "Network Hubs" in The Anatomy of Buzz, to spread the word about your technology from the enthusiastic supporter, to the skeptical mass market. Sounds like a tool that might interest those folks over at The Chasm Group.

And indeed they are interested. Geoffrey Moore, the author of Crossing the Chasm (the first in a series of books that describe how and when to target specific market segments to encourage the adoption of your technology), has been doing podcasts over at IT Conversations for quite some time now, though I'd like to hear his views on the podcasting medium, and its position in the Technology Adoption Curve.

Recently, I was interviewed by Steven Lubetkin, of CompuSchmooze, about the release of JetBrains' Information Environment Omea Pro 2.0. Steven and I spoke about the origins of Omea, the problems that it is designed to tackle, and the benefits for marketers, researchers, journalists, and busy CEOs. Steven made an interesting comparison between Omea Pro and Lotus Agenda, as well as a podcast of the interview (which Omea Pro can actually pick right out of his blog's RSS feed, and download automatically for you).

As the medium of podcasting takes off, marketers and network hubs alike will be able to cummunicate closer together, often without the carefully scripted and prepared content that audiences are so used to seeing on corporate websites worldwide. Even further along, this means that audience members can come together and share their views about products in a totally unscripted manner.. or in a "semi-unscripted manner" if they are being sponsored.


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